Economic Growth What are the limits to the U.S. long-term economic growth? Is there anything that our government can do to address these limits, or would it be a bad idea to try? Provide at least one reference HRM Practices Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:  1.Compare and contrast two (2) main differences between domestic and international HRM. 2.Examine two (2) of the factors that drive standardization of HRM practices. Determine whether or not it is advantageous for an MNE to adopt a worldwide corporate culture for each of its subsidiaries.  3.Examine the role of the subsidiary. Compare and contrast global innovators, the integrated player, implementers, and local innovators as subsidiaries. Determine the best role for a company that is just beginning to expand internationally. Provide a rationale for your response.  4.Analyze two (2) of the factors that drive the localization of HRM practices for an MNE. Determine two (2) advantages of the localization of HRM practices.  5.Determine the impact of the culture and institutional context (environment) on:  a.recruitment and selection and development c.compensation d.task distribution 6.Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment.  Growth Potential for Industry You have been promoted to be Marketing Research Manager for a bank within the city you live. The C.E.O. has tasked you with assessing growth potential for industry (for INVESTMENT purposes). Compare and contrast the various secondary data sources that you might consult. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.  Transnational Organizations Access the Creating a Strategic Road Map simulation located in the materials and consider the following questions: • Examine the challenges faced by transnational organizations and, in particular, the organizational expansion chosen in Week One. • What organizational capabilities are needed to respond to these challenges? • What competitive innovations would you like to see implemented for this cross-border organization?


Product Launch The individual assignment is based on the development of a marketing communications plan for the launch of a product/brand if your choice from among (Nike, Adidas, Heineken, Samsung or Nespresso) in a country of your choice where the product/brand combination is not currently available i.e. it is possible that the brand may have a presence, but the particular chosen product is not available.   You will need to conduct academic research to address the following task. You should assume the role of a Marketing Assistant when writing the report.   The report should outline your responses to the following tasks:   Identify the chosen product/brand and chosen country. Briefly justify your choice of country as a new market for your product/brand.   Prepare a summary analysis of the campaign context for the chosen global product/brand, including a description of potential customers, competitors, market trends and a review of previous Marketing Communications activities in other countries where the brand/product is currently available. This analysis will provide the foundation for the development of the launch communications plan (question3).   From the summary analysis you are required to develop part of the communications campaign for the launch of the product/brand. You must decide on your overall strategy – Global/glocal/local -and then your promotional objectives. Choosing only one promotional tool, how and why can you use this tool to reach your target customers and fulfill your objectives? Depending on the chosen promotional tool you may need to consider media, message, timing, reach and repetition etc. You do not need to undertake any actual design but you do need to use academic theory to support your ideas. Word limit: 2000 Structures of Personality For this essay, first provide a detailed description of the structures of personality •Id •Ego •Superego Focusing on how these three structures interact in our minds as well as the roles that each one plays. Please also give a brief description of the five defense mechanisms •Repression •Projection •Displacement •Reaction Formation •Regression In addition, provide a specific example each of repression, projection, displacement, reaction formation, and regression. These examples should be your original creations—apply what you know about each defense mechanism and come up with your own example of how to showcase the individual defense mechanism. 


Business Psychology and Ergonomics ORDER STRUCTURE (1500 WORDS) 1. INTRODUCTION • (THIS REPORT WILL COVER……..) • WHAT NEW THINGS HAPPENED IN 21 CENTURY ACCORDING TO BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY AND ERGONOMICS? 2. LITERATURE REVIEW (ANSWERING QUESTIONS 1&2) • MEANING • SCOPE • PSYCHOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE • HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT • ADVANTAGES 3. APPLICATION IN (SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY ) IN SULTANATE OF OMAN • AWARENESS OF EXISTENCE IN ERGONOMICS • EFFORTS OF ERGONOMICS IN APPLYING OF ERGONOMICS ON THEIR EMPLOYEES 4. RECOMMENDATIONS 5. REFERENCES • E.G. BOOKS, ARTICLES, JOURNALS AND WEBSITE (ALL MUST BE SORTED UNDER EACH). • HARVARD REFERENCING. Case Questions Answer the following CASE QUESTIONS: (1) Use the Force Field Analysis or the Differentiation & Integration diagnostic model from Chapter 5 in the text to explain what is happening in this case. Include the appropriate chart/table.  (2) What OD consultant style would you recommend Peter Sneed adopt in this situation? Given what you know should Peter Sneed accept this offer of employment? Support your answer.  (3) Given facts at Johnson Engine Company and considering the time-frame of the change, level of support and degree of discontinuity with the environment what large–scale OD intervention strategies would you recommend? Support your answer. (4) Given the culture described at Johnson Engine Company. Apply the Strategy-Culture Matrix discussed in the text what implementing strategies would you select? Support your answer.  (5) Given the situation as described, what strategies would you recommend to lessen the resistance to change among the Union leadership? Support your answer.  Multinational Companies  Compare and contrast how at least two multinational companies changed their strategies (or at least their tactics) based on national and international business environments. Is this competition between countries to attract these companies a zero-sum game; does this process destabilize globalization? Literature Review Need to write a literature review on a business proposal that I have done before and need to extend the and include more points. (I have attached the business proposal with a link for literature review.) Need Harvard Referencing with index reference. with the referencing can you do it from internet, e books, websites


Models of Evaluation In Chapter 7, three additional evaluation tools were introduced: the CIPP model of evaluation, Kaufman’s five levels of evaluation, and CIRO. Choose one of the three models of evaluation. Describe the model. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Reference and cite the textbook in your original post. Required Text  Kopp, D. M. (2014). Human resource development: Performance improvement through learning. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.   Huawei Company I’m doing a project about new Smartphones company called Huawei, which is number three in the world after Apple and Samsung. My project is about to make (Current brand portfolio, Gap analysis “Expected, augmented, & ideal”) for Huawei company.  Focus on : Current brand portfolio, Gap analysis “Expected, augmented, & ideal. Types of Poverty Traps It should be just what you thought of the paper and if you found any of these types of poverty traps more compelling than the others, either in general or in specific cases you’re familiar with. By “interesting comment,” I just mean that it should be substantive – it can’t be “I found a typo on page 23,” or “did you say 4.5 or 5.4?” It should show that you put some thought into the paper. Dispute Resolution Processes Evaluate the main dispute resolution processes available to management and labor. Do you believe the grievance process followed by the CBA (Article 5) provided in the resource section is fair and equitable for both labor and management? What types of issues should be agreed upon at the first level supervisor level and which ones do you think need to be elevated? Is the alternative dispute resolution process a viable course of action in most workplace settings? Please explain.  Experiences on Employers You are welcome to share experiences you may have had at any of your employers. Note: There is no need to identify your employer by name, but do include the type of employer (for example, private-sector transportation industry or public school district).    


 Your position and rationale For each of the three (3) questions, Explain your position and rationale fully on each with specifics/examples from the textbook and your personal knowledge and experience. You should be able to fully articulate your response to each question in no more than one (1) page.  1. Describe at least three (3) ways employers have been attempting to contain health insurance costs and why health care cost management has become increasingly important to U.S. corporations. What has been the impact of the Affordable Care Act on employers and employees? If you were without medical coverage yourself, would you enroll in “Obamacare” and why or why not? 2. Discuss the current “state of labor unions” in the U.S. and the various challenges facing labor organizations today. Explain at least three (3) ways unions are attempting to meet these challenges. Specifically comment on the pros and cons of unionizing college athletic teams such as the Northwestern University football team.  3. A corporation has three (3) basic sources available when staffing international operations. Describe the benefits and risks of the three (3) methods of overseas staffing. Discuss which method or methods you would use if you owned a business and were expanding overseas and why?  Wal-Mart For this assignment, the company still going to be Wal-Mart. However, the prompt of this essay is based on the book ” The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli.”  Need to have at least three ideas of this book apply to the company, more detail will provide in the guide that i uploaded.  BetaTesting  Read the article “Apple is BetaTesting an Update that Kills Evasion Jailbreak.” In the textbook, beta testing is described as used for formative evaluation and for fine-tuning. How does the story of Apple’s betatest meet the criteria? Required Text  Kopp, D. M. (2014). Human resource development: Performance improvement through learning. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education. This text is a Constellation™ course digital materials (CDM) title.  Required Resources Articles  Greenberg, A. (2013, February 25). Apple is beta-testing an update that kills evasion jailbreak. Forbes. Retrieved from  Reference and cite the textbook in your original post


Energy Find an article in the news, a scientific or scholarly article, opinion peice that is current (something that is ongoing or may happen in the near future) that pertains to energy or resourece production, transport or utilization. Analyze the article/document using material from the class, your own experience, or anything else that contributes to your argument/discussion. Use your own words, and make sure you attribute quotes and source material. A good outline is: Paragraph one: Article, title author and topic. Why is this interesting/important, and how does it relate to energy and environment.  Paragraph two:  The core of the article/document, its data, basis and sources. Anything else important.  Paragraph three: Summary of the article in your own words. Include your reactions, thoughts and/or analysis of the article. How does it impact/relate/interest you.  Most Important Thing Answer any three of these five questions.  Please “type” your answers.  One page (double-spaced, one-inch margins) for each should be sufficient.  Answers will be graded according to content & quality of writing.  You can work alone or in groups.  1.  What do you think is the most important thing you have learned this semester, & how will it help you in your career?   2.  What things have caused stress for you in the last year?  How have you coped with that stress?   3.  Pick any one of these jobs – Irish dance teacher, fire fighter, social worker for a program for “at risk” youths, music critic, or nurse in a labor & delivery setting.  Come up with the ultimate criterion/criteria for that job.  Then come up with at least two actual criteria.  How do your actual criteria do vis-à-vis relevance, practicality, & ability to discriminate?   4.  If you owned a business, & you were ultimately in charge of hiring, what would you consider the three most important personal qualifications for an employee?  (Note:  this does not involve credentials, degrees, years of experience, etc.  It refers to personality &/or character qualities.)   5.  Let’s say you’re a first-line manager in an office setting.  One of your employees, who happens to be Native American, has been coming in late & has also been using her cell phone to make what are obviously personal calls.  Your employee policy manual does have rules about punctuality & about not making or accepting personal calls at work.  What do you do as far as discipline?  (Note:  your solution should incorporate Norton’s Eight!)


Gender Instructions  We were told to do an assignment based on our feelings or something that kind of annoyed us as an individual based on our sexuality. Some of the pictures on the uploaded materials are the cards that we did for the assignment. It reflects our thoughts of what type of gender we are and what was something we did not like being in that type of gender. So the instruction following that assignment is to write up a paper based on that assignment, answering these questions:  Question 1-Reflect on the assignment in general. Was it difficult? Easy? Thought provoking? Without indicating which postsecret was yours, did you have a difficult time coming up with a contribution to this community-based art project? Question 2-After viewing the images, what themes emerge for you? What is NOT present that you would have thought to have been included? How does this reflect how we experience the “gender order”? Question 3: After I put the cards up, I received a request to relocate some cards that dealt with sexual assault as they were deemed upsetting displayed in such a very public manner. Rather than relocating the cards, and to maintain their collective integrity, I decided that the only accommodation I was willing to do was to put “Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence” cover sheets on those cards thought upsetting. How do you feel about this accommodation? Does it say something about our culture and how we deal with the everyday nature of gender violence? Question 4: Finally, relate this project to one of my favourite quotes by Clark Kerr: “The goal of the university is to make students safe for ideas, not ideas safe for students. Keeping in mind that I am a male and what I wrote about in one of those cards is about my Gender. Hyundai Case Report: Please answer the following three questions in an effective manner. ////1. What were the obstacles or challenges (both internal and external) that HMC had to deal with in the Chinese market? Discuss at least three. ////2. What factors or conditions made Beijing Hyundai to enter the Chinese market with Sonata, which was considered a luxury vehicle? Discuss at least two. ////3. What contributed to the early success of Beijing Hyundai? Discuss at least three.


Environmental Issues Identify current environmental issues Write a report identifying current environmental factors for a small business. Using Figure 2.4- The Elements of the Marketing Environment on page 70 of the Rix textbook as a guide select any small business and develop a list of current environmental issues faced by that business. Include the following in your report: • An introduction identifying the type of business you have selected and where it is located. • The environmental factors that might affect this business using the categories in Figure 2.4: • Social and cultural forces • Demography • Political and legal forces • Economic conditions • Technology • Competitive environment. • Write a conclusion summarising how you think this business is performing under the environmental factors you have listed above. Intergroup Development  Write a summary / reflection on any topic related to Intergroup Development Topic of Interest Write a paper of approximately 500 words on a researchable topic of interest to you. This topic will be used throughout the course. The paper should include the following sections: ◦ Introduction (250 words) ◾Write an introduction to the topic. ◾Include a discussion of the topic’s personal or professional interest to you. ◾Discuss why this topic is important to research.  ◦ Empirical Approach (250 words) ◾Discuss which of the three empirical approaches (descriptive, relational, or experimental) you could use in a study relative to the topic you discussed in the introduction.  ◾Discuss your reasons for choosing this approach Managing Human Resources PLease follow the directions attached. Must be 5-7 pages. MLA Format. Using the Book Managing Human Resources 7th Edition Pearson By: Gomez-Mejia/Balkin/CaroySub Heading for each subject in the Rubric for Final Project SEction. Clearly point out mistakes Jack made and apply good solutions for each subheading based on material in the book. Google’s Culture  Use a variety of resources to research Google’s Culture  Note: Use Question 5 as your conclusion.  Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:  1. Examine the culture of Google.  2. Explain how you determined that the Google showed the signs of the culture that you have identified.  3. Determine the factors that caused Google to embody this particular culture.  4. Determine what type of leader would be best suited for this organization. Support your position.  5. Imagine that there is a decline in the demand of product(s) or services supplied by the selected organization. Determine what the change in culture would need to be in response to this situation. 


Race Write a response (no less than 200 words) explaining what sociologists mean when we say that race is socially constructed.  Make sure to incorporate ideas and facts from your reading and the video to support your argument. Try to use examples from your own life (or people you know) to support the idea of race as a social construction (to give you some things to think about…do you know someone who has a mixed biological heritage but still is seen by others (or identify themselves) as one ‘race’? would you (or someone you know) be considered a different ‘race’ in a different country, or would you have been considered a different race at another point and time in this country? are there physical features that you (or someone you know) possess that do not ‘fit’ your racial classification?). Danimal project 1- How does the Danimal project exemplify base of the pyramid (BOP) principles? 2- How would you measure the success of the Danimal project? 3- How does Maria Pretorius’ management style and approach relate to Hamel’s definition of management innovation opportunities and challenges? Hamel’s definition incorporates four main components: • Build a democracy of ideas • Amplify human imagination • Reallocate resources dynamically • Collect and share wisdom Narratives Provide summary of the case, and answer all the four the questions in each case.  Repeat each question as the topic and then provide narratives for answers. Narratives must be supported by credible references if they needed. APA guidelines should followed, reference list and cover page is required.  Avoid using quotation in assignments. The contents should be read and written by students (the researcher’s) words and add reference to the author that content is taken from. Products Analyze the products you use in your personal or work life. Select one or two products or services you use regularly or were a “big ticket” purchase. discuss the integrated marketing techniques that were used either before you purchased the product/service or after. Also address the mass communication and personal communication techniques that influenced you to make the purchase.