Hide Folder InformationInstructions Go to  www.environics.ca, select “Capabilities & Insights”, the …

Hide Folder InformationInstructions Go towww.environics.ca, select “Capabilities & Insights”, then €œMarket Strategy €. Scroll down and open the page titled €œMeet the Millennials” (you may have to click “Load More” at the bottom of the page). Review the six tribe descriptions and identify which description best suits your own personality (yes – even if you are not actually a millennial). You are welcome to complete the quiz if you like (click “Find out which Millennials Tribe you belong to”), but it is not necessary. Create a Word document, and provide the following information: a. your full name b. your preferred Millennials Tribe affiliation c. a brief description as to why you feel this tribe is the best match to you d. Create a list of all six tribe names and provide a sample €œvalue proposition € that you feel would be attractive to each tribe (regardless of the product/service). Refer to the “What is a Value Proposition” document in the Week 1 folder in D2L. e. For each value proposition above, provide a brief explanation as to how it relates to the various psychological, personal, social, and cultural influences that are likely to be common for members of each tribe. Remember to cite your sources using APA format when sharing information from the website. 5. Save document inPDF format.

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