Answer the following questions and also the 4 questions on

Answer the following questions and also the 4 questions on page 15 of the attached Ch. 15 PDF, in the Ethics in Practice Case ‘Little Green Lie’ You should recognize that your answers to these discussion questions should be well reasoned and supported with evidence. Make certain that you use chapter material and theory as the basis for your answers. No outside material. All work must be original as this will be submitted through Turnitin. No plagiarism.1. In addition to the basic consumer rights expressed in the consumer’s Magna Carta, what otherexpectations or rights do you think consumer stakeholders have of business? Do consumers havesome moral rights that have not yet been articulated in law? 2. What is your opinion of the consumerism movement? Is it “alive and well” or is it fading away?Why has consumerism been such an enduring movement for so long? 3. Give an example of a major abuse of advertising from your own observations and experiences. Howdo you feel about this as a consumer? 4. Are companies genuinely interested in marketing sustainable products or is this just a marketingstrategy that is popular today? Do you think “green fatigue” has set in? If so, what should companiesnow do? 5. Do the new consumer financial products regulations make sense? In a free market, why shouldn’tconsumers be left to fend for themselves with respect to consumer financial products? 6. What is sustainability? How does sustainability relate to environmentalism? 7. What are several of the most important environmental issues now receiving worldwide attention? 8. Who has responsibility for addressing environmental issues? 9. How can ethics be applied in response to environmental issues? 10. Should businesses and societies continue to focus on unlimited economic growth?

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