Assignment from nickkynickkyThe specific Case for this asses

Assignment from nickkynickkyThe specific Case for this assessment will be ‘Case 16 American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown LA’. This case can be found on pages 655-667 of the textbook edition for this course. This assignment will involve in the development of a written case analysis, for which the expectation is that you (1) identify all important strategic issues, (2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation is appropriate, and (3) propose an overall action plan and set of specific recommendations addressing the issues you have identified.Your report should be structured as follow and comprise at least the following sections:• Introduction• Identification of Strategic Issues and Problems• Analysis and Evaluation• Recommendations• Conclusion• References Other than the Introduction and Conclusion, the three key sections of your report should be numbered and presented separately. Please use the headings above (and other subheadings whenever appropriate)Page Count: 710 references (Harvard Style)The issues i have identified is : 1. advertising is too sexual 2. CEO focused culture 3. High labor cost, illegal immigrant workers 4. vertically intergrated

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