The final essay requires you to do a character study.  You will write not only a

The final essayrequires you to do a character study. You will write not only about the internalconflictsof thecharacters but also the external influences from the era in which it is set. This will require research. I want you to go outside the literary world here and look up articles on history psychologyand sociology. Useat least sourceson the subject matter along with quotations from the play itself. I am giving you an option for the first half of your thesis! In order to understand the complex characters here one must do deeper into ______ Remember this paper counts more than the others! Topics to cover inyour final essay: 1. How reliable is the narrative inDeath of a Salesman? Consider the following in your answer: Are Willys words to be trusted? Biffs? How does the rotation of time affect the reliability? Is Willy suffering from a psychological breakdown? If so what is it and what are the symptoms he is exhibiting. can any character be trusted here? 2. What does this play reveal about the American Dream? How does the reader view it through the lens of this old man? Consider the following in your answer: Millers view of the concept of the American Dream with other traditional definitions. Is Miller subverting the American Dream or exploring the way it affects ones expectations? Is it overly cynical (negative) or realistic? Finally is this subject and tone still relevant today? 3. Discuss one of the many motifs in the play (i.e. stockings diamonds garden jungle/woods stealing). Consider the following in your answer: What are the various attitudes about stockings/selected motif? Is the motif selected a symbol in the play as well? If so how. How does the motif further the plot and overall meaning of the story? Example the stockings are a symbol that measure Willys success Biffs recognition of his fathers betrayal and Willys guilt. 4. What is the authors view on modernity/progress? What is his purpose in including the tape recorder new car etc.? 5. Finally what are the internal and external conflicts between Willy and Biff that set up this climax of the story? Consider the following in your answer: Have new gas heaters tape recorders cars changed the American Dream? Relate how Willy is left behind (hint: title connotations) and is overly reliant on these innovations. Is the little guy able to survive with the advent of progress and sophistication? 8 to 10 page minimum.

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