The Importance of Integrated Operations Planning  Length and format: Work sheets

The Importance of Integrated Operations Planning Length and format: Work sheets from below and a paper no less than 400 words in length. Topic The dominant theme of supply chain management is the achievement of operational integration. The benefits from operational integration are directly related to CAPTURING EFFICIENCIES BETWEEN FUNCTIONS within an enterprise as well as ACROSS ENTERPRISES in a supply chain. Having noted this lets take a closer look at a business youre familiar with and come up with a plan! Select either a business where you currently work worked previously or even select the University. 1. Make sure you identify what you are covering! 2. Complete the inputs for the questions below based on either your work or school. Each section is based on a different facet of the organization so the hope is the business is covered as a whole. 3. Then comment on the overall outlook for that business as it relates to integrated operations planning. Does it function well or is there a need for improvement? Where is that improvement needed and what would you do based on this weeks readings to effect change? Be sure to include your worksheet from below with the assignment! Students:

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