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Data science and Big data assignment 3

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This week’s article provided a case study approach which highlights how businesses have integrated Big Data Analytics with their Business Intelligence to gain dominance within their respective industry.  Search the UC Library and/or Google Scholar for a “Fortune 1000” company that has been successful in this integration. Discuss the company, its approach to big data analytics with business intelligence, what they are doing right, ….  Read More


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 This assignment is exclusively for Catherine Owens. The Dissertation Chapter 2 must be written according to the approved prospectus (ATTACHED) It must follow the template in the approved prospectus using the same headings and sub-headings The headings must be well organized as it is in prospectus In this chapter, it requires using 7-10 articles (a ….  Read More


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  What motivates you, what’s your passion, and what do you believe? Reflecting on the question is important because your response may provide valuable insights into what drives you, as described in this article, The Search for Worthwhile Work. In your introduction to your classmates, please include your statement of personal and professional belief in response to“What motivates ….  Read More