compare and contrast how neoliberals of technocracy, neoliberals of democracy and

A change in the ruling party RARELY has a significant impact on employment, growth, income distribution etc. compare and contrast how neoliberals of technocracy, neoliberals of democracy and structural-functionalist radicals explain this finding. Which explanation do you consider most persuasive?The structural-functional school -The capitalist state rules on behalf of the ruling class fulfilling the accumulation and legitimation functions of capitalism State supports accumulation function of capitalization- idea of socializing the cost of capitalizing production (ex. a company spills oil making something, gov comes in and charges all people to clean it up, takes cost that owners would have to pay and spreads it to all taxpayers) This school argues that individual rights keep us under the thumb of capitalism – keeps us from seeing It divides us, weakens us, we think of ourselves as individuals not members of a class– then we don’t unionize which makes private property owners able to control us better Elections legitimize this system- gov reshuffles wealth from young people (wage earners) to old people Doesn’t change income distribution. Gini index stays the same

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