How should the U.S. deal with countries that are both geopolitically important and politically unstable

  1. How should the U.S. deal with countries that are both geopolitically important and politically unstable, such as Pakistan? Does the U.S. need for political allies outweigh its role as a good neighbor and role model?
  2. What about human rights? What obligations does the rest of the world have when countries are oppressive? Is there a recourse? Looking back, in Cambodia, Pol Pot was responsible for the death of about 1 million Cambodians, how should the U.S. (and other leading powers) react? Is getting involved important, and if so, how do you recommend going about it? If not, at what point, does it become important for other countries to get involved? After World War II, the United Nations vowed to intervene in future genocides, at what point does that become a priority? Another example is Myanmar (Burma) which had a very oppressive government until very recently. But, Burma (Myanmar) has recently had reforms and elections, and the U.S. removed some of the economic sanctions it has had on Burma for many years. However, there are still multiple human rights violations, and there is also wholesale repression and the attempted destruction of the Rohingya people (which even the newly elected government has participated in). AungSan Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner has even been silent on their oppression. These are the people who have been in the news lately trying to flee by boat (in Asia — there are also multiple “boat people” trying to enter Europe from north Africa).
  3. India and Pakistan have been involved in a very contentious and dangerous relationship. Both are nuclear powers and have been fighting over various issues since India’s independence, how do you propose that the world respond and help to diffuse this dangerous conflict?
  4. How do views of women’s role/women’s equality affect roles and environment in India and Asia? What is your evidence of inequality and does it matter? Why or why not?
  5. What do you see as the biggest issues facing India as they become both the world’s most populous country (by 2030 or sooner) and a world economic power? How do you see these issues as affecting this growth and what do you think would be the best way to approach these issues (assuming you were able to advise the Indian Prime Minister). (Please note, I realize that giving advice is difficult, but you don’t have to solve the issues, just recognize how it would be beneficial to even look at the problems.)

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