I need this assignment done please follow the assignment content everything is i

I need this assignment done please follow the assignment content everything is in the instructions that needing to be done. 
Assignment Content
Research instructional strategies for teaching mathematics at the pre-K through Grade 3 levels and choose 2 to focus on for this assignment.
Write a minimum of 525 words in a paper in which you analyze your selected strategies. 
Do the following in your paper: 
Justify your chosen strategies for teaching pre-K through Grade 3 students.
Describe how your strategies support learning of various math concepts.
Describe how to incorporate real-world problem-solving strategies.
Describe questioning strategies you can implement to challenge students’ thinking and enhance their problem-solving skills.
Explain why you think these strategies will be successful for diverse learners.
Describe an activity for each strategy.
Provide 2 resources that support your instructional strategies and/or activities.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.  

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